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Hwatsi Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2003 by Mr. Bharatkumar Sheth. We specialize in repacking chemicals and manufacturing of Thinners. Our factory and warehouse are located in a Special Economic Zone at Kandla Port , Gujarat, India. Our head office is at Mumbai, the Financial Capital of India. With our quality products and on time delivery, we have established our footprints in Dubai, Iran, Africa, USA and Sri Lanka.


  • We have installed 4 underground tanks for bulk storage. We repack Extra Hazardous Chemicals into drums using an automated refilling system.

  • We are situated in the Special Economic Zone, so there are No Government Taxes and No Custom Duty.

  • Our factory is located at the Kandla Port. Hence transportation cost is low.

  • Sales Network in India as well in International market – We will be able to market your product through our agents and our networks.

  • We can complete our job work of processing, refilling, relabeling and warehousing materials without payment of Customs Duty.

  • The Government of India has approved our factory and warehouse to store and manufacture extra hazardous explosive items.


From our professional work environment to our excellent benefits, we take care of the people that make us strong. We are committed to provide a fulfilling workplace for our employees.

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Some of Our Regular Product Range

Description of GoodsITC INDIA H.S. Code
Phthalic Anhydride29173500
Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)29153200
Mono propylene glycol (MPG)29053200
Butyl Acetate29153300
Butyl Cellosolve29094300
N Butanol29051300
N Propanol29051210
Ethyl Acetate29153100
Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)29051220
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)29051100
Methyl Ethyl Butyl Ketone29141200
Methyl Acetate29153950
ISO Butanol29051400
Diacetone Alcohol29147090
Nonyl Phenol Ethoxilate/Textile assistant Emulsifying Agents38099140
2-Ethy Hexayl Acrylate29161290
Butyl Acrylate29161210
Metha Acrylate29161400
Methacrylic Acid29161310
Lubricating Oil27101980
Polyamide/Acrylic Polyol39089000 / 39069000
Methylene Chloride. MDC29031200
Propylene Glycol29053200
Nonyl Phenol29071300
Sodium Hydrosulphite(Soda Ash)28311010 / 28321020
Sodium Nitrite28341010
STPP (Sodium Tripoly Phosphate)28353100


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Head Office:
Antop Hill Warehousing Complex, ‘A’ Wing- 332, Salt Pan Road., Near Barkatali Naka, Wadala (E),
Mumbai – 400 037, India.

Registered Office:
Antop Hill Warehousing Complex, ‘A’ Wing- 311, Salt Pan Road., Near. Barkatali Naka, Wadala (E),
Mumbai – 400 037, India.

Factory on Port:
New Kandla SEZ, Kandla Special Economic Zone, Plot No. 586, Gandhidham,
Kutch – 370 230, India.

Customs Bonded Warehouse on Port:
New Kandla SEZ, Kandla Special Economic Zone, Plot No. 587, Gandhidham,
Kutch – 370 230, India.

Office Number: +91 22 2412 7112 | +91 91671 10151
Director’s Number: +91 9869056097 | +91 9821727511

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